hd.kepler is a platform dedicated to art research, created by Eleni Riga and Florent Frizet. It aims to connect individuals ideas focused on the notion of the economy of gaze, experimentation, cultural translation, anthropology of images and remediation.
hd.kepler. is meant to function as an exoplanet. We are always in research of a habitable place to establish, share and exchange artistic and curatorial practices.
hd.kepler. is interested in developing its activity between France and Greece, acknowledging opportunities could be found elsewhere.


Astrography, workshop by students from ASFA, Delphi, Greece

44 bodies for 44 seconds, reading, Kunsthalle Tropical, Pit Uzer, Switzerland



Ecologies of Gaze, Volumes Book Fair, presentation, Zurich

Astroythmes, Performance, Plato Academy, Athens (with the support of Onassis Cultural Center

& Medea Electronique)

Attention is an exercice, a series of exhibitions with Elysabeth Sifry, Giorgos Palamris &

Betty Campbell, Athens

Ever Closer to the Stars, movie projection with Julien D. Benoit, Clement Cogitore &

Eric Stephany, Aavora Cinema, Athens

Ecologies of Gaze, launch & performance by Paky Vlassopoulou, Hot Wheels Project, Athens



Ecologies of Gaze, publication

Toujours plus proche des étoiles, performance by Florent Hadjinazarian and Florent Frizet,

IFG, Athens, Greece

Primo, poetic lecture, Lycabettus, Athens, Greece

Touchless, a talk by Marcel Meury, funder of Kunsthalle Tropical, Romantso, Athens, Greece



Touchless, commissioned artwork by Kunsthalle Tropical

Online/Offline, public presentation, Enterprise Projects, Athens, Greece

Online/Offline, workshop, 3 137, Athens, Greece

Online/Offline, Elif, public presentation, School of Fine Arts Lyon, France

Remediate the Everyday, live by Méryll Ampe, Pantin, France



On the Run : Online Offline, launch of the publication

Remediate the Everyday, group show, Pantin, Atelier W

Founding by Eleni Riga & Florent Frizet