A performative soundwalk by hd.kepler.


Carte blanche to Hd.Kepler

Always closer to the stars

18.09.2017, 7.30 pm
Auditorium Theo Angelopoulos & Café – IFG
Str. Sina 31, Athens


Eleni Riga, Florent Frizet and Florent Hadjinazarian


Poetry Session

Το ορμητήριο του ήλιου

April 30 – Lykabettus Hill, Athens – Arrival at 6.30 pm. The reading will start exactly at 7 pm. The poetry session will finish with the sunset around 8.14 pm.


Becky Campbell, Elena Chantzis, Florent Frizet, Danai Giannoglou, Hariklia Hari, Eva Isleifs, Lukas Panek, Angeliki Poulou, Eleni Riga, Joshua Olsthoorn, Roman Szymczyk and other guests

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 special project / TOUCHLESS.

hd.kepler. glad to announce its participation at Kunsthalle Tropical with a special project named TOUCHLESS.

The Kunsthalle Tropical is experimenting with alternative exhibition formats. It is located at a specific place and unfolds in the mental space of the visitor.

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Online / Offline Glossary

Online/offline is a glossary of terms often quoted in the post-digital context. It was produced during a close experimental 3-day workshop at artist-run space 3 137 in Athens. This workshop was organized by association hd.kepler, artist run space 3 137 and Enterprise Project. We are all interested in light and DIY economy as a response to the financial pressure that the independent cultural producers endure.

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New online/offline editorial project

Honeymoon: Alter & Everyday

The project, by the artist Florent Frizet, deals with the survival of millenium gestures in our time.

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For the first issue of this publication, we wish to question the terms O​nline a​nd Offline,​ as an exhibition practice and as a way of life.


Fenêtre Project, Kostanet, Théo Massoulier, New Scenario, Recto/verso

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    Hd Kepler is a platform dedicated to art and research, created by the greek curator Eleni Riga and the french artist Florent Frizet.

    We aim to connect individuals & ideas focused on the notion of the economy of gaze, experimentation, cultural translation, anthropology of images and remediation.

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