Το ορμητήριο του ήλιου

Poetry Session

April 30
Arrival at 6.30 pm. The reading will start exactly at 7 pm.
The poetry session will finish with the sunset around 8.14 pm.
Lycabettus Hill – Follow the stairs opposite to the hotel St. George Lycabettus until the small “balcony”, see the pictures related to the event.

Participants: Becky Campbell, Elena Chantzis, Florent Frizet, Danai Giannoglou, Hariklia Hari, Eva Isleifs, Lukas Panek, Angeliki Poulou, Eleni Riga, Joshua Olsthoorn, Roman Szymczyk and other guests

The art & research platform, hdkepler is happy to invite you to the poetry session “PRIMO, Το ορμητήριο του ήλιου” at Lycabettus Hill during sunset on April 30th, 2017.

The sun, the primary and essential element of life on earth, is also a political, religious and aesthetic symbol. For this event, the sun is used as a symbol of diversity, alterity and meeting with Other. The poems will be read in different languages. Each contributor have chosen freely a poem in his/her native language or in any language they feel their own.

Our collaborators are artists, curators, researchers, activists and thinkers that maintain an independent and a non-commercial activity. In the quest for autonomy, these fugitives open up new paths, occupy inadequate spaces and break the foundations of an automatised institutionalization. Our priority is keep the freedom of our contributors intact.

Under the sun, which makes no discrimination, we are all the same. Our bodies and our voices are carriers of this sensitivity and beauty.

hdkepler was created on the idea of otherness initially observing and accepting our own differences.

For the author Emmanuel Levinas, after the discovery of the Other in our face, we discover that we are responsible for him/her and thus a relationship of proximity is established between us and the Other(s).

This form of responsibility can be developed and is necessary in our times due to the socio-political and economic situation all around the world.

Athens is a city that plays a leading role in the theater of Otherness:
welcomes, resists, rejects fears and celebrates diversity. Athens is whole, complete, perfect.

The choice of location is not accidental. Lykavvitos means the rock from where the light “urges” etymologically. The aim of the event is to integrate poetry in the everyday life of the town. The event is open to all: friends of poetry, residents and tourists. We would like to create a beautiful moment full of lyricism for everybody who is attending the event.



February 2017, Kunsthalle Tropical / Marcel Meury, Romantso, Athens

We had the pleasure to organise a small informal presentation for Marcel Meury, in order to discuss the creation and development of Kunsthalle Tropical and his personal artistic work. This presentation was organised as a meeting point for members of the Athenian artistic scene who share the same aspirations.

We would like to thank all those who accepted our invitation:
A-dash (Eva Isleifs + Noémie Niederhauser) / Enterprise Projects (Vassilis Papageorgiou + Danai Giannoglou) / Richard Hausmann (artist) / Dimitra Michou (action culturelle IFA) / Snehta Residency (Becky Campbell) / SUPER (Lukas Panek + Paul Malowski) / Typical (Joshua Olsthoorn) / Delphine Chapuis Schmitz (artist)


New project


hd.kepler. glad to announce its participation at Kunsthalle Tropical with a special project named TOUCHLESS.

The Kunsthalle Tropical is experimenting with alternative exhibition formats. It is located at a specific place and unfolds in the mental space of the visitor.

People who registered on the site of Kunsthalle Tropical were able to receive the new production of hd.kepler.

TOUCHLESS is an invented word-concept that is expressing a situation where we are out of…touch. Through our recent collaborations, we have been exploring the idea of connection and disconnection , especially between the physical and digital realm. Since we are usually working as “glossoplastis”, as sculptors of the language in other words, we got interested in the definition of connection in relation with the touch. Touch means “get in contact with”. Observing around us, this definition seemed obsolete. The use of the wi-fi instead of bluetooth marked a whole change to the way we communicate, without touch.
We use less and less cables to charge our phones, to connect our devices, to transfer our data or even to listen to music (referring to new apple headphones).
This is a symptom of a touchless life.

With the generous invitation of Kunsthalle Tropical, we have created a plastic bracelet reminding the biomagnetic power balance bracelets that are enhancing our health system and renforce our energy. These kind of bracelets are supposed to function us chargers of energy of the human body through direct contact with the human body. The appearance non- primitive, asexual and without orifices tools will perhaps lead to a disappearance of the genres in which the polarities will be diluted in each being.

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Online/offline is a glossary of terms often quoted in the post-digital context. It was produced during a close experimental 3-day workshop at artist-run space 3 137 in Athens. This workshop was organized by association hd.kepler, artist run space 3 137 and Enterprise Project. We are all interested in light and DIY economy as a response to the financial pressure that the independent cultural producers endure.

On this occasion, we invited the following artists, cura- tors and theorists: James Bridle, Zoe Giabouldaki, Daphne Dragona, Théo Massoulier, Philippe Riss, Anna Tomczak, Thibaut Vandebuerie. This glossary you hold in your hands was presented at Enterprise Project on April 23, 2016 and is the product of a very recent collective experience of a multidisciplinary group. It is a work in progress.


We think this glossary as a tool that enables us to better understand our times. By choosing carefully our vocabulary, we form our present. Our present is perforated, continuous, mutative. It is made of words, images, feelings and impressions. We aim to present and renegotiate the “Online/offline” terms that seem important for our artistic or curatorial practices.

download Online / Offline Glossarydownload Press Kit

New online/offline editorial project



By the artist Florent Frizet


The project deals with the survival of millenium gestures in our time.

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Text by Eleni Riga

Image by Florent Frizet

Graphic Design by Clara Pasteau

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How the media influence our everyday gestures?
Remediate the Everyday Group Show


Invited Artists: Méryll Ampe, Sabrina Belouaar, Marie Clerel, Florent Frizet, Hadrien Gérenton, Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Yannick Langlois, Vasilis Papageorgiou, Cunming Sun


Curator: Eleni Riga

@ Atelier W (6 avenue Weber, 93500, Pantin)
 Exhibition dates::  6-14 November 2015


Florent Frizet,
Don’t Clean My Aura +2, printing on aluminium, fluo,  dimension variable, 2015


Banister III, neon, cables, transfomers and epoxy putty, dimension variable, 2015


Exhibition view, Remediate the everyday, 2015, photos by Sun Cunning
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